Home of Company I. The Bucktails Company I, The Bucktails,

42nd Pennsylvania volunteer
reserves, 1st. Rifles.
American Civil War reenactment group.


Current Company I members & rank structure

Some members have living history worldwide "My pages" and can be contacted directly by clicking on their photo or their My page link.
Company Officer

2nd. Lieutenant Lee Garoghan - "Laa Laa"



1st. Sargent Scott Dipple - "Scotty"

2nd. Sargent Simon Garoghan
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James Ellis

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Mike Ellis
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Aidan Steed -
"Die Hard"

Bryan aroghan - "Beau"
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Graham Sutch - "Cookie"

Adam Paylor
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Mike Simpkin
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Brain Packer - "JC"

Mark Bagley
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Ken Atkins

Pete Arnould

Nigel Reed - "Sed"

Michael Booth

Danny Earl


Dave Entwistle

Garry Christopher

Xander Gibson

Andy Mauchline
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John Bagley
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Kyle Bagley
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Dave Calder
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Tom Bird
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Dave Durden
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Jonathan Townshend

No pictures available for:

James Christopher
Luke Branshaw


Adjutant 1st. Lieutenant Grant Valentine

Provost 2nd. Lieutenant Clive Hooker

Veteran Joe Perera - "Joe Bob"

Derek Docksey - "Nathan" Pyrotechnics

Veteran Mick Streeter

Maddy Calder

(my page

Carrie Garoghan
(my page

Poppy Garoghan

Lyn Andrews Pyrotechnics

Tony Smith


Amanda Durden

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